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“The Only Way Out Is In.”


Anxiety and Trauma

Work, School, Family, Relationships, Past, Future…

It can be hard to stay present and focused when your mind just can’t seem to “turn off.” You have had past hardships and think that you should just be “over it” but often often feel stuck, afraid, on edge, and unable to move forward in certain areas of your life. You are SURVIVING instead of THRIVING.

You may engage in self-destructive behaviors or addictions that only further isolate you like substance use, alcohol use, or toxic relationships. You can’t seem to find your people who will be there through thick and thin. This can leave you feeling like you are the only one going through mental health challenges.

You don’t have to face all of this alone. You put in a lot of time, heart, and effort to take care of others, but who is taking care of you? It can be especially hard when you feel like a burden. Sometimes you just want someone to listen, validate how you feel, and help you gain profound self-knowledge of what is no longer serving you.


Highly Sensitive Persons

As a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), you possess a unique personality trait that leaves you more sensitive to internal and external situations (i.e people and the environment).

Experiencing your emotions very deeply can be a challenge to find where you fit in. You may notice that you get more easily overwhelmed by social gatherings or hurt by what others say or do. You might even describe yourself as a stressed out people pleaser that can’t say “no” or a bit of a doormat because that is what has always kept you from having to deal with conflict.

While you may be able to feel the joys of life, appreciate the nature around you, and get easily swayed by your favorite song more than others- you might also sometimes wish you did not feel everything quite so deeply. Others may deem you as “too sensitive,” “too much,”or say that you overreact to things. You may even ask yourself in some form: Is this all in my head? Is something wrong with me? Am I the only one that thinks like this?

The truth is that you are a unique individual with many strengths. Empathetic, creative, highly intelligent just to name a few. Therapy can be a very nurturing space to discover who you are, learn how to respond to your environment, and develop increased resiliency.


Narcissistic Abuse and Toxic Relationships

Narcissistic abuse is a form of psychological abuse where victims are gaslighted, controlled, and manipulated for personal gain by someone who is on the spectrum of “Narcissistic Personality Disorder.”

If you find yourself in a one-sided relationship, feeling insecure, doubting your judgement, and constantly feeling like the rug suddenly gets pulled out from under you again and again… then you might be in a toxic relationship. These relationships can span from people in your work or friend group to family members and intimate partner relationships.

A narcissist has an inflated ego, makes you feel small, and lacks empathy (the ability to put themselves in your shoes). You may wonder if your relationship is toxic or abusive because it might not fit a more traditional definition of “abuse.”

You may feel depressed and anxious without support. Your friends might give generic advice or don’t want to listen anymore or be involved. Therapy is a foundational space to discover what a healthy relationship looks and FEELS like.

my approach

Hi, I am Susan, and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.

I am trained in EMDR (with a focus on racial trauma and cultural challenges), Pain Reprocessing Therapy (treatment for chronic pain), and Brainspotting. I strive to find a balance of listening and exploring your patterns along with giving you the tools that you need to become your true and authentic self. Most importantly, I want to approach your concerns with cultural sensitivity and empathy.

I understand the pressures to conform to what others beside yourself want you to be. As a second generation immigrant from Palestine, it was hard finding a Therapist who could listen to the unique challenges I faced as an Arab woman in America.

I enjoy working with people who tend to be very creative, intuitive, but feel overly responsible for other people’s feelings. They may often think there is something wrong with them because that is what they may have been conditioned to think or feel or just plainly because they are reacting to legitimate injustices that they have faced.

Susan Abdel-Haq, LMFT | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist | Telehealth Therapy in California



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